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Maker Faire主要宗旨是「We are Makers」,希望號召有DIY手做精神的同好互相交流,將創意與新思維公諸於世;這次由Makers of Barcelona舉辦的Mini Maker Faire活動將與FabCafe Tokyo、FabCafe Taipei三方進行連線講座,由東京、巴塞隆納、台灣各推出一位創作者進行交流,三位創作者的作品將於現場展示,並由三地講者向三地與會者分享他們的創作概念。

For Barcelona Mini Maker Faire on June 29th, FabCafe Tokyo+Taipei invited local makers to open a crossover Fabtalk among Tokyo, Barcelona and Taipei. The 3 creators from the 3 cities would share their creations as well as design concepts to the audiences in Tokyo, Barcelona and Taipei.

Introduction of Speakers 講者介紹

/Taipei/ Kamm Kai Yu|Fabraft Design Lab(闞凱宇|衍象設計)
Fabraft Design Lab is a design team with architecture/interior/industrial design background, who focus on the evolution of design with programming and CAD/CAM on multidisciplinary design projects. To improve the new design movement, they also launch open source software/hardware projects and workshops. You can see their work here http://www.fabraft.com

/Tokyo/ Yusuke Oono|noiz architects
Yusuke Oono is an architect/design-engineer working at noiz architects, an architectural design firm based in Tokyo and Taipei. He has worked on various projects including designing for landscape, interior, furniture, product, graphic and exhibition planning. You can get profile image and works image from here.

/Barcelona/ Kinga Kubowicz|Cut&Fold
Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland, she graduated in 2007 with MA in Interior Design. In 2009 she created her own interior design studio King Kong Design and since then she was colaborating with several internationally renowned offices like Workshop of Wonders or I29 Interior Architects. Since June 2010 She’s living in Barcelona and developing her own design projects. You can see her work here http://www.behance.net/kingkongdesign

Barcelona Mini Maker Faire官網 http://makerfaire.mob-barcelona.com/

Crossover Fab Talk:
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